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Turn HTML code back into basic text. HTML Stripper formats HTML code, removes HTML code and formats text found in web pages. HTML Stripper translates information found in HTML documents to a delimited format. This means that information found in web pages can be moved into a database, spreadsheet or word processor for further processing, such as mail merge operations, after processing by HTML Stripper.

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It is astonishing to hear the different things that HTML Stripper customers do with the program.

Check out our new Data Sensing technology that intelligently finds and extracts data found in web pages.


Key Features

  • HTML Stripper now features database creation Data Sensing technology for finding database information in web pages. HTML Stripper scans web pages for data and builds a database file from data found in web pages  automatically. 
  • User Controlled Data Definitions for database creation. Customize the program to find data matching your definitions. 
  • Pattern Matching is now available to assist with data manipulation.  Data found in web pages is not always formatted into single rows.  HTML Stripper can be used to find data in pages with multiple lines of data. HTML Stripper can rebuild data found on many lines and rebuild that data into a useable database.
  • Process many files in a single batch.  Create either a single file based on the contents of many files. Or a single file for each file processed in a batch. HTML Stripper can create a single database file based on a number of pages. (Only available in the registered version).  To help manage the files created by the Multi File Processing feature, HTML Stripper also creates a log file detailing all the files processed and the location of the processed files.
  • Translate HTML table information into data able to be transferred into databases or spreadsheets.  Subject to copyright restrictions, table information found in web pages can be used for mailing campaigns, collecting web addresses and creating e-mail lists.
  • Turn HTML information or Web page information into easy to read reports.
  • Use the output of HTML Stripper for your own reports.
  • Reformat messy  HTML code into easy to read and follow code

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Program Information

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Program Uses

Look at what you can do with HTML Stripper: - 

  • Create databases such as mailing lists from information found in web pages. Slash thousands off your advertising budget by creating your own targeted mailing lists.

  • Transfer hundreds of html documents in one batch to create easy to read text based documents. (Government Departments and Corporations love this feature)

  • Create reports.

  • Conduct Internet based research on the web and translate the results back to easy to read rtf (MS Word™) or text formats.

Where ever data is present on the web, HTML Stripper has the potential to help you use it more productivity and profitability.