HTML Stripper Lite Information


HTML Stripper Lite contains all the basic features of the full version of HTML Stripper. If you don't need to create databases then HTML Stripper Lite could suit your needs.

Turn HTML code back into basic text. HTML Stripper Lite formats HTML code, removes HTML code and formats text found in web pages.

 Download the evaluation copy of HTML Stripper and check the program differences to see if HTML Stripper Lite will suit your needs..



Key Features of HTML Stripper Lite

  • Process many files in a single batch.  Create either a single file based on the contents of many files or files for each file processed in a single batch (Only available in the registered version).  To help manage the files created by the Multi File Processing feature, HTML also creates a log file detailing all the files processed and the location of the processed files.
  • Turn HTML information or Web page information into easy to read reports.
  • Use the output of HTML Stripper for your own reports.
  • Reformat messy  HTML code into easy to read and follow code.


Program Information

For further information please send your request to info@gltsoft.com.