ZdNet awards WebToData a 5 Star Rating

WebToData - New Features

The latest version of WebToData now has some great new features. It now supports.

  • Direct downloading from the Internet and automatic processing of data. Process files directly from the Internet or process files already stored on the computer.
  • Scheduled downloads and file processing to build databases from time time sensitive information sources. Great for building data profiles of stocks and other time sensitive information. WebToData can be set to download and process files at preset intervals. All file downloads and file processing can be completed in the background.
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About WebToData

WebToData finds and extracts data found in web pages.  Use it whenever you need to turn data found in web pages into useable databases.  If there is data in a HTML table in a web page then WebToData can automatically find and extract the data and save the data in a format that can be read by any database or spreadsheet.  If you need these features then you should proceed to download a copy. 

Using our Data Sensing Technology the program can automatically detect most data found in web pages.  This means all you have to do is load the web page and tell the program to "Transfer Web Page to Data". It is that easy.

If the web page has complex data structures, and many do, then WebToData  can still find and extract the data.  This is what makes this program unique.  It can find and handle data that is presented and formatted in all sorts of different ways.  To do this the program ships with three tools that the user can adjust to find and extract the data.   The tools are:

  • Defined Data Search - this tool enables the user to setup basic search criteria.

  • Pattern Matching Search - this tool enables the user setup complex searches for complex data structures.

  • Extended Pattern Matching - the tool that can be customized and extended to extract large amounts of data found on some pages. (Only available with the registered version)

WebToData remembers all user settings so if you have a favorite web page that you extract data from regularly then the program will be setup ready to run whenever you need it.

Multi File Processing

WebToData has the ability to process many html pages in one batch. When doing this you will be presented with two alternatives.

  • WebToData remembers all user settings so if you have a favorite web page that you extract data from regularly then the program will be setup ready to run whenever you need it.

  • The second method enables you to merge the contents of each processed file into a single file. If you need to process 20 web pages to create a single database this method can achieve this.
NOTE:  The evaluation version available as Shareware does not have the Multi File Processing or Scheduled Downloads features enabled.  The program must be registered before these features are available.

Text Reports

Apart from the ability to find and extract data found in HTML pages, the program can be setup to process html pages to create reports.  The program excels at creating reports that have all html coding removed, reports can be saved in either rtf or text modes.

The program has a number of options that can setup when processing code.  For example special codes that programmers use in their web pages can be found and removed if required.


Some of the features found in WebToData require special knowledge to setup and manage effectively. To help users learn how to setup the program a tutorial complete with examples explains when to use the different tools and how the tools are setup.


  • Data Sensing Technology to automatically find and extract data.
  • User Defined data searching for simple searches.
  • Pattern Matching for complex searches.
  • Extended Pattern Matching for finding large amounts of complex data.
  • Merge many processed html files into a single file in one operation or create a separate file for each one processed using Multi File Processing.
  • Use any of the included data detection tools with Multi File Processing.
  • Log file created when using Multi File Processing that details the input and output file locations.
  • Files can be saved in rtf, text or html modes.
  • Basic file manipulation tools such as Bold, Italics, Underline and justification are included.
  • Tutorial and help files are included.
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