Differences between HTML Stripper and WebToData

The table below provides an overview of the different features of each program.

At first glance there appear to be only minor differences between the registered versions of HTML Stripper and WebToData.  

WebToData is aimed at users requiring more powerful data detection tools.   The differences are summarized in the following table.

HTML Stripper Lite is for those users who only need to strip code from html documents.  It includes multi-file processing.

Option HTML Stripper Lite HTML Stripper WebToData
HTML Formatting Yes Yes Yes
HTML Code Stripping Yes Yes Yes
Multi File processing Yes


Many files to one file database construction No Yes


Data Sensing Technology No Yes Yes
User Defined Data Definitions No Yes Yes
Pattern Matching No Yes Yes
*Extended Pattern Matching No No Yes

 * Extended pattern matching permits the user to customize how WebToData looks for and extracts data. It is a very powerful feature often used by corporations to data mine web site data.